Visit Singapore - Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

For the past few weeks, I'm not too sure what came over my dad, but he was all for the idea of going for a weekly morning walk/hike. So just last Saturday, he suggested that we visit the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, which resides on the northwestern end of Singapore. 

I was up for the let's-wake-up-at-7am-to-exercise challenge, because...I really have to exercise. Furthermore, I was pretty keen on visiting the park thanks to a recent development observed in this nature reserve. (Stay tuned to find out what they did to try and hype up interest among the locals. 😉)

If you didn't already know, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park. The park started with 130 hectares and has since expanded to 202 hectares. In the reserve, you may discover inhabitants such as mud skippers, crabs, water snakes, birds, monitor lizards and many more.

This is the entrance to the Wetland Center!
There's another entrance which leads to the Visitor Center.

The map!
You may download or print your own map HERE.

If you look closely at the map above, there are a total of 4 available trails to choose from. We decided on the Coastal Trail (one-way 1300m) because... I requested for it.

Compared to the Migratory Bird Trail, the Coastal Trail is a newer route and it holds the key to the "recent development" that I mentioned earlier. Also, do visit the toilets located at the Visitor Centre before you embark on the trial, as you won't have access to one until the end of the trial.

Mudflats: Interactive observation points during low tides.
Great for the kids!

The path down to the mudflats.

The mangrove forest!

So if you'd follow the path (it's pretty easy and clear to follow), you'll soon encounter onion-like structures as pictured below. These structures, also known as 'pods' are likely installed by the National Parks Board to increase interest and visitor numbers due to its' instagrammable potential.

Boardwalks are evident in the reserve.

This is the dragonfly pod.

View from the dragonfly pod.

That's Malaysia, across the sea.

Walk, walk, walk!

While walking and exploring the park, do also watch out for the presence of crocodiles and monkeys! I managed to spot a tiny tiny croc in the water during my visit.

Estuarine crocodiles are also known as saltwater crocodiles.

 A long-tailed macaque, which is commonly spotted in Singapore's reserves.

And if you choose to walk this trail, do make your way to Eagle Point! This observation pod is the prettiest in my opinion - because it extends out into the sea and resides above the water.

See what I mean?

So for those who are stopping over or living in Singapore, and are looking for an interesting outdoor experience that does not take up too much money, this would be a good place to consider visiting on a cool day. That's not to say that you shouldn't visit this place on a warm day; just make sure you are equipped with sunblock!

For avid photographers, do bring your tripods and explore the other trail - the Migratory Bird Trail. This other path will lead you to the Aerie Tower where you can better spot resident and/or birds such as Herons, Kingfishers, Cuckoos and Sandpipers.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Free Entry

Visitor Centre - 60 Kranji Way, #01-00, Singapore 739453
Wetland Centre - 301 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718925

Phone Number:
+65 6794 1401

Opening Hours:
7.30am to 7pm (Mon - Sat) 
7am to 7pm (Sun and Public Holidays)



  1. Looks like there's so much to see! I love exploring nature. :] :]

    1. Hey there Carmen!

      Nature is indeed wonderful; it's the perfect getaway after a hectic and stressful week ❤️

  2. I've never been, but definitely need to go! Such beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Joanie,

      Thanks for dropping by! Have you been to Singapore? :)

  3. This looks like such an amazing place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Kacey!

      It is a pretty good place to visit; it's quiet, serene and beautiful. That's extremely rare in a country like Singapore!

      Ps: Are you german? I noticed the family name "Klein". 🙊

  4. i love exploring and this looks awesome, i'd love to visit singpore!

    1. Hello there Jessica!

      If you have a chance, do visit Singapore for a short trip :) I'd love to tell you more about our culture here!

  5. Such a beautiful place! Singapore is always on my list!

    1. Hey Rachel!

      That's awesome to hear!!!! I'd recommend that you stay for 2-3 days to visit all the unique local spots :)

  6. Wow, I love the photos! Singapore is one of the places on my bucket list. And I love nature, so this is a place for me, haha! Thanks for sharing, great post! xx

    1. Hey thereee!!!

      Where are you from? I'm quite surprised that Singapore is on your bucket list, considering that we are so tiny a country!


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