Top 10 Ways to Make the Worst Fail at your Blog

In this post, I want to share with you some methods and rules to follow to create a blog that nobody is interested in visiting.... because if we can't be the best, we could at least try to be the worst, right?

Ok so I guess that's probably not what we want for ourselves, but as someone who is very trying hard to reach out to the crafting and blogging community, I have done my own research and have learnt from other people’s mistakes. With this new found knowledge, I wanted to share a few common blogging ones.

I myself have done some of these in the past, and others I've learnt from people out there in the blogosphere and wanted to share with you. If you’re new to blogging, or that your blog has plateaued, do continue reading on.

Create boring content, and avoid including emotions 
That's what everyone says right? Keep your personal and work life separate! Make your posts monotonous and technical to make it as serious as possible. Just like a governmental organisation!

Write lengthy posts with no visuals, or paragraphing
The more the better! Teach them all you know, and all you can. Make sure they are bombarded with lines and lines of words (of wisdom). People out there want to know everything, don't keep them in suspense, and don't bother breaking up your information into paragraphs.

Post whenever inspiration strikes/ whenever you feel like it
Keep things exciting by posting multiple content at the same time and then none for a while. Readers have to be kept on their toes, and make them wait. All good things come to those who wait, isn't it?

Do not converse with your readers
Once again, I cannot emphasise how important it is to keep your personal and work life separate. Do not let them feel like you are a relatable person, and do not let them feel compelled to talk to you as a friend.

Ignore any form of marketing
Oh come on, marketing? What is marketing? Marketing is for the weak. Why even bother telling others about your content or your posts? They'll come to you if they want to. After all, you have the best blog out of the millions of blogs on the www.

Quantity over Quality
Why bother providing people with one single good post, when you could do 10 terrible ones in the same period of time? More is better. You get to reach out to various groups of men and women by touching on 10 different topics without providing substance. More viewers meant better outreach!

Stay the same, don't ever change
Old is better. The higher the level of difficulty in navigating your blog, the higher your chance of attracting readers who wants a challenge. Improvement and change is for fools, you get it?

Cover your blog with ads
It's all about the revenue and the money. Cover your blog with multiple ads to increase the chances of viewer clicks. Put it right in their face. Make sure they see it and they click it. More clicks = more money. Easy peasy.

Not proof reading
Have trust that all your readers are highly intelligent people who can figure out what you are saying despite typing non-cohesive sentences that appears like this. Ppl can esily figur out wht u r tryin 2 sae anw.

Keep all your links and posts private
What else is more important than all the above? Keeping your content to yourself. Its all about copyright and having privacy. Mine is mine, yours is yours. We do not share. If you want to read my post, write in and ask me. 

------------------------------------------- FINALLY -----------------------------------------------

Don't freak out when your blog does not proceed the way you want to. It all takes time and effort. In the modern world of online writing and with the influx of "influencers", its all about your ability to stay true to your interests while working hard to engage your readers. Readers nowadays seek more than just a simple reading experience. They want to feel that you are a relatable person and that you posts are actually directed at them - what I call a personalised experience. All in all, just try your best - just as I am. Onwards here we go!