Easy Blueberry Crumble Muffin

This coming Valentines, i've decided to bake some muffins for the family. Decided to give this recipe a test run and wow, was I impressed. These muffins are truly a breeze to put together.

Mind you! I've never had much success with muffins. The baking of muffins was my Archilles' heel. I was so sure that I could never bake a successful muffin - they always came out dense and slightly sticky, similar to brownies. 

Do you guys ever get that problem? Or maybe its just me..

Oh well. This recipe is clearing all of my doubts. Finally! A fluffy muffin with a delicious crumble top. That. Is truly icing on the cake!

The muffins are so easy to whip up. It took me only an hour to get them done - washing up and all included. How nice!

My mom loves them and is asking me to bake a batch for the relatives.

I've already reduced the sugar in the recipe. So unless you have a low tolerance for sugar, I wouldn't recommend that you further reduce the amount of sugar.

I would totally encourage you to give this recipe a try. 

You could give the crumble top a miss if you are short of time. However I do have to tell you, that crust is heavenly-delicious. The perfect breakfast to start your day.

Do leave a comment or link me to photos of your muffins. I would love to look at what wonderful babies you guys come up with.