(UPCYCLING) Removal of Prints on Glass Bottles

A little project I did a few hours ago while lazing looking around for inspiration.
Just recently, a friend of mine treated a few of us to the highly raved Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette 
(Do note that this is the US web version; there isn't a website for us Singaporeans). It was my first time tasting this visually gorgeous, albeit small dessert. To be honest, I felt that it was overrated (I ate the original flavour), considering that it tasted like milk pudding on top of a puddle of Gula Melaka. For those of you who don't know what Gula Melaka is, it is also known as Palm Sugar. Palm sugar has a very distinctive flavour and smell to it, its either you love it or hate it.

Anyhows, there were 4 of us and each of us ate a bottle each. Requests for me to keep the bottles came easily as my friends weren't exactly Karang-Guni crafty. HAHA! Benefits of being the only crafter. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with the bottles at that point of time but I knew that I just had to keep these babies.

After washing, I felt that those unsightly blue printing on the bottles should be removed to allow for more options for crafting. After all, a blank canvas is always better to work on isn't it? I then went and search online for methods to remove the printing but nothing affordable or easy came up. It was only when I found this instruction sheet from ehow that I decided to scratch the print off the surface, using a pen knife / x-acto knife.
-I've decided to use my pen knife as in the case of blade breakage, replacement would be cheaper.

Now observe the pictures. Afterall, a picture speaks a thousand words.

There you go! A clean and gorgeous glass waiting to be beautified and upcycled. If you observe the first picture of this post, you may see that I have decided to reuse the bottles for storage.
So far, this is the only easy and affordable method that I know of. If you guys have better techniques for the removal of prints, do share with me. It will be great!!!