It has been such a long time since I last updated this space here. I have been so busy for the whole of this year, packed with tons of school work (Apr 2013 ~ Mar 2014).
I promise. I will be back by end March. By then I would have graduated from school and I would be free to feed you hungry crafters out there with tutorials.
However.... I am proud to say that I have managed to squeeze out a few hours every night during the Lunar New Year week to craft this lovely dress; where I will name it FITTED.
MAN does it feel good to tailor a dress to your measurements.
I used a block pattern (which I drafted on my own) to measure out the fabric pieces. A princess seam was used in this dress.

The inspiration for FITTED was from Polyvore, a Cotton Eyelet Drop Waist Dress designed by ERMANNO SCERVINO.

Okay, I admit that this is a gorgeous piece, very summery, sweet, and classy looking. However, the to-die price tag of £505 (equivalent to SGD1065) is a no go. I mean, I know that it's designer and that art should be appreciated, but you can't expect humbling folks like me to pay that amount.

And because I really really love the outlook of a drop waisted dress, I decided to take my chances and embark on a sewing project, Well, for this I paid less than SGD12 (shhhh.). With $12 I got myself 2 meters worth of 60" Tailor Fabric (what do you call those fabric used for Tailored Pants?).

I may not have a wealth of experience in sewing, but hey, look at what I've made ;)

For you guys out there interested in sewing/ have been sewing your own clothes, do share with me your experiences and tips for sewing wearables. 

I had a hell of a time while sewing FITTED. All the undoing and redoing of threads. Haha!