DIY Envelope Laptop Bag

Took me about one and a half day to sew this bag. But then, that's because I took out my threads many times.Can't stand it when my sew lines aren't straight. If you aren't picky or as UNSKILLED as I am, this should take you only a few hours :)

4 pieces of rectangular cloths (2 for the outside and 2 for the lining) and 2 rectangular pieces of felt are prepared for the body of the bag. 2 pieces of triangular cloth and a triangular piece of felt was prepared for the cover. (NOTE: I am using the floral print for the lining and the stripes for the outer cover.)

The dimensions of the cloth are as follows :

Rectangular = 17inch diagonally (10.5" by 14.2")

Cover = 10.5" by 6".
My laptop is 15 inches diagonally with a 13 inch screen. 
(You have to measure your laptop and change the dimensions accordingly)

I did some 'sketch' sewing with my cloths to make sure that my laptop fits into the cloths. (Wouldn't want my efforts to go to waste.)

I started making the cover first. The 3 pieces were arranged as shown above.

The 2 diagonal sides were sewed and the top was left open to allow you to flip it over. (The felt would be in between the 2 cloth after flipping)

The parameter of the cover was sewn to secure the cloth and felt.

I moved on to sew the first set of cloth for the front body of the bag. The cloth and felt were arranged as shown above (picture 1). One side of the breadth of the cloth was sewn together and flipped. (Similar steps to the sewing of the cover). The edge of the flipped cloth was sewn (picture 2).

Now, we have to sew the second set of cloth for the back body of the bag (this is where we have to attach the cover). The cloth, felt, and cover were arranged as shown above (picture 1). Note that the lining is placed above the cover, with the wrong side facing up. 

After sewing the cover and cloths together, this should be what you see.

Arrange the 2 cloths that you have sewn such that the lining faces each other. The outer cloths should also face each other. Sew the parameter of the 2 cloths, noting to leave the breadth of the lining open (remember that you'd have to flip the bag over). 

Using the opening in the lining, flip the bag over such that the felt is hidden inside.
Now sew your opening close.

Stuff the lining back into the bag and this should be what you see.

The completed laptop bag!! A velcro can be added to secure the cover of your laptop bag.
(You can stop here if you want to, but I wanted a strap on my bag such that I can carry it on my shoulder.)

I sewed my strap at the side of the bag. 
(Note that the strap is sewn upside down such that the thread would be hidden when its carried.)

(Optional Step)
I realised my bag strap was too long, but I didnt want to cut it, so I sew a few layers together.

Took my Washi tape to cover up the sew lines.

Don't forget to sew your velcro..


Hopefully you guys love this tutorial as much as I do and I hope this has been of help to you!
Do share with me your versions of this item!

Have fun and good luck!


  1. cool :) thanks for sharing, im gonna have ago now with cammo cloth :) x

    1. Ooh. Do post the links to the photos of your rendition - that is, if are posting any photos online. Im interested to see how it turns out :) Have fun!

  2. This is such a cute Laptop Bag! I love how you did the instructions and everything!
    Lea., xx

    1. Thank you Lea!! It takes up quite a bit of time to document each step but I'm glad it was clear and of help! ❤

  3. Great tutorial! I love the fabric you chose for the lining! I made one for a friend some time ago too :)

    1. Thank you Akamatra! That's so sweet of you! The last time I sew something for my friend? 5 years ago. HAHA!

  4. What a great tutorial and what a cute bag! Love it! I'm dangerous with a sewing machine, so I'm really impressed when someone can make one do what it's supposed to! Great job!

    1. Hey Jenn practice makes perfect! I'm sure with enough practice, you can make one of these for your own, or you might even move on to do more challenging projects!

  5. This is sooo cool! I will definitely have to make one of my own with some cute fabric♥ Thank you for the diy Idea!

    -Danielle Ruppert //

    1. Hey there Danielle, do have a go with this tutorial! I am excited to see what you are about to come up with. Different fabrics used can result in varying outcomes! Good luck!

      Love, meixii

  6. I love seeing posts like this!! I love DIY posts!! This is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Awww that's so sweet of you Susana! Thank you for reading! Would you be trying out one of your own? Do share the resulting product with me if you do :)

  7. Hey great post! I would have never thought of making my own laptop bag, such a good idea! Love the fabrics you used too!

    1. Hey thereeee!!

      You should try making one of your own! Can you imagine having you very own, customised laptop cover? You get to choose the internal, and external colours! How exciting ☺


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