Easy and Quick Valentines Heart Bookmark

If you find yourself lost for ideas for the upcoming Valentines Day, and have no idea what to do for your other half or your closest(s) friends, then this is precisely the blog post for you! I’ll walk you through the steps to folding this cute little paper bookmark. Note that the original version of this post first appeared on thiscache on January 28, 2012; this post was rewritten with improved organization on February 5, 2015.

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show and celebrate the feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year.

Fun Fact:
In Japan, that there exists a "White Day" which takes place on March 14, exactly one month after Valentine's Day. On White Day, men in Japan are supposed to return gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine's Day. How fun is that?


This coming Valentines, do consider making something on your own, for your family, friends and people you care about. Sometimes, it's not just about the monetary value of things, but it's more about the thought behind the gifts. After all, the beauty of handmade things, lies in their imperfections.

If you interested in this DIY tutorial, stay on and follow me through. 
Let's Go!

  • First of all, get yourself a square piece of paper in your favourite colour, and fold it across the diagonals. 
  • Try to get the lines as clean and crisp as possible. The lines would affect the shape of the heart later on. 

  • Next, fold the sides of the square inwards to form a triangle. You'll understand this better if you look at the photo below.

  • Now, you'll fold one side of the triangle upwards towards the apex to form 2 creases. This would be where you'll start of the formation of the heart.

  • With the 2 creases formed, now you'll fold the apex downwards, towards the base of the triangle.

  • You'll now have to open up a single layer of the triangle. Make sure that the opening starts from the same side that you have been folding on. (See the photos to get a better understanding.)

  • Now that you see a huge gap/hole, fold the sides downwards, toward the middle line, and you'll get what appears to be a little "house".

  • Fold the rectangular base of the "house" upwards and align it with the the base of the triangle.

  • Now, you'll fold a small rectangular portion downwards to meet the edge of the triangle. You'll see what I mean when you look at the photo.

  • Now, open up the sides of the rectangle, and repeat this for both the left and the right side. You'll start to see the shape of the heart forming.

Almost there!

  • Fold the inner pieces inwards to form the shape of the heart (where an acute angle exists).

  •  Fold the heart backwards to hide the fold lines, and there you are.

Now, you have successfully made your own Valentines Heart Bookmark. Go ahead and give one of these to a friend, family, or even a stranger as an act of kindness.

Be open to creativity and expression, make your bookmarks in a variety of colours. Whoever said that Valentines should be red? 😉  

Best of Luck!